Product Description

CRANEX™ Novus e

Don’t sweat about the technology

CRANEX® Novus e makes digital X-ray a no-brainer. It’s fast and easy, with straightforward workflow and functions. Super easy to learn and use, it features handy default settings that let you take high quality images without hassle.

Icing on the cake, CRANEX® Novus e produces excellent image quality straight out the machine. What you image is what you see.


  • Fast scanning times are convenient for the patient and expedite treatment planning
  • High image quality even with fast scan programs
  • Advanced spinal compensation yield better visualization of anterior teeth
  • Optimized and automatic image processing


  • Stable patient support keeps patient steady during exposure
  • Fast imaging – 9 seconds for adults, 8 seconds for children
  • Control panel with self-explanatory symbols speed up program selection
  • Automatic kV selection based on selected program – can be modified, if needed
  • Large, hinged mirror helps operator to position the patient effortlessly


  • Simple to use Ethernet connection to your PC or network
  • Made to fit – compact design and small footprint
  • Fast scanning times result in minimized radiation doses and reduce the potential for movement artifacts
  • Easy to install and maintain